How We Started



As our Family grew we made several trips to the different Bethel complexes. Those trips imprinted on us a desire to do more with this beautiful international Family! Those memories have stayed with us over the course of time.

In the early years my wife and daughters had the privilege of pioneering and attending  pioneer school together. For these last ten years my wife and I have enjoyed the privilege of being pioneer partners.

Our daughters their husbands and our grandchildren stay busy with their spiritual lives.

When the invitation went out to all the congregations that there was a need for volunteers we made it a matter of prayer. When the door opened we ran through it. We truly wanted to be a part of the Warwick construction project as well as any other work needing to be done! We simplified, moved into a travel trailer & headed for New York.

Not long after our arrival we were thankful to be invited as volunteers at Warwick and Tuxedo. Since the completion of the World Headquarters in Warwick we continue to keep ourselves available. There continues to be many LDC projects which includes the different Bethel complexes.



Volunteer work at a variety of the Bethel facilities has been our pleasure. It has been our joy to attend so many wonderful theocratic events over the years. Enabling us to meet many friends from all over the world who come here to volunteer themselves or just visit one of the Bethel facilities!

Seeing the effort so many have made and continue to make constantly renews our appreciation for where we are and the many privileges we get to experience.


HOW “BestLife Gifts” CAME TO BE

Our Family remembers the many Brothers and Sisters who made our Bethel trips so memorable, and we have some reminders of where we had visited. So after a lifetime of working construction, it was a refreshing change for my wife and and I to be able to open a gift shop that offers an experience to Friends visiting from all over the world. We are among many Brothers and Sisters offering accommodations, transportation, information regarding restaurants and interesting places to visit in the area.

                                 That is how

                               "BestLife Gifts" 

                                 came to be!

We look forward to welcoming you to New York, hearing your story and becoming friends for life, the BestLife!